JU Tabs
JU Tabs

JU Tabs

Product Price: $ 29.95

- 1 Year support + Update

- Install in unlimited website

- Want to try before you buy it? You can download demo version here: https://www.joomultra.com/download/extensions/demo.html


JU Tabs is the high quality and most flexible Tabs/Accordion/Slider Solution for Joomla, which comes with 18 in-built tab themes to choose from. Support display content as Tabs/Accordion(Slider)/Simple slideshow. Support to load content from Joomla Article/K2/Module/SQL Query/Custom HTML/Any url and it works anywhere: articles, modules, 3rd components,...

★★★ Features of JoomUltra Tabs: ★★★

★ Display content as Tabs/Accordion(Slider)/Simple slideshow.
★ Support all browsers (IE, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, ...)
★ Works well with any template
★ Support multi tabs, nested tab.
★ Support tab theme, auto detect new theme, easily to create your own theme based on available tab themes.
★ 18 in-built tab themes
★ 04 tab positions: Top/Bottom/Left/Right, 02 accordion mode: Horizontal/Vertical.
★ Tab align: Left/Center/Right/Justify(For top/bottom position)
★ 08 tab/slideshow animation effects, 03 accordion animation effects, 32 easing effects.
★ Ajax load support.
★ Click/Mouseover/Double Click to change tab
★ Switch tab by link or by url (https://yoursite.com#mytab-x)
★ Support responsive that make the tab fit any device.
★ Support swipetouch.
★ Auto parse other content plugin code within tabs.
★ Allow to set default item that you want to be displayed first.
★ Allow to set custom CSS class for each tab, so you can style each tab based on addition CSS class.
★ Load content from: Joomla Article/K2 item/Module/SQL Query/Custom text/Any url.
★ Load the whole Joomla Article categories/K2 categories/SQL Query into block and seperate articles/K2 items in the categories or SQL Results into each tab.
★ Well-formed HTML, W3C valid
★ Smart tab detection, only load JU Tabs css/js files if tab code is detected, decrease site loading time to minimum
★ Set password to protect JU Tabs code
★ Limit maximum number of tabs
★ Width and Height of block can be adjusted.
★ Easy-to-use and friendly HTML tags alike syntax.
★ Tab code generator helps you to create tab code in easy and intuitive way.
★ We design the JU Tabs as System Plugin for wide range of use, it means you can use JU Tabs anywhere, whether in content area, module HTML code or 3rd components... as long as you can type text into, you can load JU Tabs.
★ And much more powerful features that you will never find in other tabs extensions.

★★★ What kind of content can be displayed by tabs: ★★★

★ Article showcase
★ Product showcase
★ Product features
★ Frequently asked questions(FAQs): load all articles/k2 items from a category then display each item as a FAQ item by tab/accordion
★ Portfolio
★ Highlighted content
★ User Guide
★ Multi-step form/page
★ ...

★★★ Want to see how it works? We have demo here: ★★★
All functions: https://demo.joomultra.com/extensions/ju-tabs.html
Self config: https://demo.joomultra.com/extensions/ju-tabs/ju-tabs-self-config.html