JU Comment Component - Lite

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JU Comment is a flexible, powerful and easy to use comment system for Joomla, it allows your visitor to comment on article, blog, product page,...

- Exclude/include categories for commenting
- You can disable comment on an individual article by add a special code into that article.
- Gravatar support
- Determine usergroups authorised to comment, reply, edit, auto approval,... by ACL
- Auto approval comments: Decide which user group can post comment without moderating, comment will auto published after post
- Moderate comments: Comment will be moderated by admin before publishing on your site
- Email notification: Send out custom email, trigger by many event. Eg: Post new comment, Edit comment, Reply comment, Subscribe comment,...
- Build-in captcha
- Youtube, vimeo video link in comment will be auto parsed in comment to preview directly in comment
- User can report comment to admin
- Interval time between comment to prevent flood comment
- Block user by user ID or user IP
- Can define list of bad words, and they will be replaced by custom word.
- Nested(Threaded) comments lets you connect and interact with your readers while easily keeping track of who's saying what to whom
- Sort comment by tree, created, title, helpful votes, total votes
- User friendly comment editor, what you see is what you get
- Build-in 2 templates, more template can be installed via plugin
- Config can be overridable in component, section, category, that make JU Comment very flexible in configuration, and can work like multi comment systems in only one extension.
- Logging system to monitor who is doing what in your site.
- Many other useful feature can be developed by 3rd party and installable via plugin, like: Field type, Template,...

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